As The Storm Grows!!

I have been sitting here this evening in Western KY, watching the news and waiting for the ice to hit. Well it is here and coming down with avengence. My hubby works the night shift and he is on the way home now, they had to cancel do to ice. I am really worried about him on his ride home, since the roads are already very slick, but he also has to drive over a very big scary bridge. So I am here waiting up for him to make sure that he gets home safe. Schools have already been canceled for tomorrow and I am sure that we will lose power soon. We live so far out in the country, if we lose power it will most likely be for a pretty long time, I do not know what I’m going to do. 3 kids with no electricity, OMG, the stress is mounting as I think about it. Other worries, heater and all cooking is electric, no grill. Guess I will have to cook canned food on the fireplace. Sure hope the fireplace will heat the room so that we do not freeze. I already blocked off the room that the fireplace is in, so that it keeps the heat in there. So I am as prepared as I can be right now. If you do not hear from me for a while it is because I am without power. I will try to post from my phone if possible just to let you all know that I am ok. Stay warm and talk to you later.



Menu Plan Monday


Again this week is a tight week, due to rent being due next week. So there will be a lot of cheap family fav’s on the menu this week and not much varity. I just choose what my family really loves and by in bulk so that 2 to 3 things of meat will last a week.

Week of Jan 26th

Monday – Pasta Puttanesca and homeaide Garlic Sticks

Tuesday – BBQ Chicken, mashed potatoes, fried okra, and cornbread (not the jiffy kind)

Wednesday –  Baked Pasta and Garlic Sticks

Thursday – Fried Chicken, boiled potatoes, white beans, and cornbread

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Chicken with Cream of mushroom soup and homemade egg noodles with garlic sticks

Sunday – dinner at a friends

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Looking Forward to the Dugger Wedding

I am so excited to see tonight’s Dugger wedding. I have been waiting to see this. I just love the Dugger’s, and although I do not agree with everything that they do. I find them very inspiring. They love each other very much and are a close knit family. Michelle is such a sweet women and enjoys caring for her kids and never seems to be upset or frazzled. Well I’m off to take my shower before it comes on.

Meal Plan Monday to come later..


Weigh in Wednesday

Ok well I have only lost another 1.5 pounds this week but that is not bad. Considering I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks before so it stands to reason that it will even out a bit now. But I am so excited.

How are you all doing?


Wordless Wednesday- This says it all!





Is it just me or do you get emotional during big events like today. As I watch the former presidents enter the square, tears come to my eyes. I do not know why, but things like this make me so emotional. I also teared up when during the elections. I am not an overly emotional person, never have been really but for the last 3 years or so I can cry at the silliest things. Even a commercial can bring on the water works. Makes me feel a bit silly most of the time.


From the Mouth of Babes

As I read this post over at 5 Minutes for Mom my eyes welled up into tears. This sweet little boy, all he wants the new President to do is take away the guns that kill people. Quoted from 5 minutes for Mom,

“Tonight, I said to Jackson, “Tomorrow, Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States.”

My seven-year-old son looked up at me, and said with his voice cracking, “Will he take away all the guns — not the ones for decoration, but the ones for killing?”

“Oh, sweetie,” I didn’t know what to say, “He can’t do that.”

It is so sad that our children have to worry about these things, and you know it is from children, the purest of heart where we should listen to the way to shape our country. As they see it from eye’s that adults  could not Imaige.

What is it that you want for our country? I know it is very pagent of me to want world peace, and I know that it is corney but I must say that if I could have anything that I wanted for the country that would be it.