Jimmy and Blazer

We have some new babies thier names are Jimmy and Blazer. We adopted them and they have been here a few weeks, hence the sparatic posts. One of them really needed to gain weight and the other was the pillsberry dough horse, so he needed a lot of expercise to turn that all into muscle. They are really starting to do well and I love every mintue that we get to spend with them. The girls love having horses in thier backyard and it is so neat to look out the window and see them out there. 



It’s slow going

….but we are getting back to normal here. We have been busy with catching up on all the laundry and other things around the house. Plus we all have Spring Fever. I miss posting and reading blogs. I have read all of you who I subscribe to as often as possible to stay up to date but there are still so many unread posts and you all keep adding to it. lol.. I am hoping to atleast be back to the daily posts like meal planning Monday, and wordless wed this upcoming week, and hopefully back into the full swing of it all the following week.

still no power or water

hey readers. Posting from my phone just wanted to let you know that i am fine just stuck in the middle of nowhere with no water or power due to the damn ice storm. I can not read comments at the moment so feel free to email me at gonecountry08@gmail.com i will return and hope to talk to you later. You can also twitter me at tiffanyw1980.