Weekly Menu

Rent is due soon so we are on a budget menu the next few weeks. I get most of my idea’s from the Hillbilly Housewife$45 a week.  It is a little higher then that now as food prices have gone up, so I would say in my area it is more like $65, but still a great deal. This is not just dinner, her menu plan is for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack everyday. That is really not bad. when it comes to my budget recipes. She can feed a family of 4 or 5 on

Weekly Menu 1-18-2009

Sunday – Black Bean Soup

Monday- Butter Beans & Scalloped Tomatoes

Tuesday – Pork Chops & veggie

Wednesday – Tacos

Thursday – Hot Dogs and Veggie

Friday – Pork Stir-fry

Saturday – Breakfast for Dinner

If you have $70 for your food shopping then she has a menu that includes more meat, with food prices I would say it now is more like $90.  I use a mixture of the 2 and a little bit of my own and my food bill this week will be about $80.

Have fun feeding you family and enjoy every minute of them. Dinner time should be a time that you all sit around the table and share how you day went and discuss the next day and anything else that you may want to talk about.



Weekly Menu

Saturday and Sunday are not on this list because normally that’s when my menu starts since I do my Shopping on Fridays. Just a little late this week.

Weekly Menu 1-11-09


Shepard’s Pie


Chicken, Cream of Mushroom and homemade egg noodle (hillbilly housewife)


Ham Chicken and Cheese Casserole




pork chops, beans, and taters

New Baby

We got a new baby yesterday and he is the sweetiest 1 year old lab I have ever seen. We resuced him from the pound, where he was soon to be put to sleep. What a waste that would have been because this dog is wonderful. He is house trainined, loves to romp and play with the kids and cuddle in my bed. I will be posting pics and more about him later just wanted to let you all know what is going on. So a sweetie, we feel in love with him the instant that we saw him.

Today’s Agenda

Well yesterday was a errand day so there is a lot to be done around the house today.

1) Empty dishwasher

2) 2 loads of laundry, not counting whats in there now

3) Clean Floors

4) Run vaccuum

5) Empty 2 boxes

6) Make dinner and replensh ice tea and koolaide

UPDATE** 12pm

Well I have got nothing done. I played all morning with my daughter and then we did pilates together (but thats another story) now I am procrastinating and having some mommy time while she sleeps before the others get home from school. It will all be done before I go to bed though. *Crosses Fingers*


dishwasher emptied

floors done

vaccuuming put off until tomorrow

laundry about to fold

boxes well ummmm I will do that another day