About Me!

Howdy, all my name is Tiffany and I am a city girl who has just moved out into the country. When I say the country I mean it, I live on 7 acres of land in the middle of nowhere Kentucky.  I live here with my significant other his two daughters and our daughter together. I love all three of my beautiful little girls. They all have blonde hair and blue eyes. They are wonderful and while they test my patience multiple times everyday I love them more then I ever thought that I could love someone. Let alone more then one someone.

Jamie, my significant other is a wonderful man and such a sweet natured soul. He supports me in anything that I do no matter what it is I am positive that he is always standing behind me. I am just about to finish my Associates Degree in Paraprofessional Education, online at the University of Phoenix. Then I will be getting my Bachelor’s Degree at Murry State. Jamie has been great through it all, even thru my Algebra semesters were I was so stressed out I was a completely different person.  I hate Algebra, always have and always will. Which is why I plan on teaching elementary school.

Here you can read about me, my family, and the follies that comes from trying to raise workable gardens, possibly some livestock by a city girl. I see it being entertaining at the least. One thing that you can count on here is great recipes as I am an awesome cook and love to do it. Most things that I make are from scratch but I do have a lot of quick and easy recipes are good so make sure to check the recipes page often for new recipes. Please feel free to leave comments on the recipes page as I love to hear feed back and how you may have altered the recipe to suit your families need.

Also check back often for updates and new pages as I am an active avid blogger and you never know what will come out of my fingers.


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