From the Mouth of Babes

As I read this post over at 5 Minutes for Mom my eyes welled up into tears. This sweet little boy, all he wants the new President to do is take away the guns that kill people. Quoted from 5 minutes for Mom,

“Tonight, I said to Jackson, “Tomorrow, Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States.”

My seven-year-old son looked up at me, and said with his voice cracking, “Will he take away all the guns — not the ones for decoration, but the ones for killing?”

“Oh, sweetie,” I didn’t know what to say, “He can’t do that.”

It is so sad that our children have to worry about these things, and you know it is from children, the purest of heart where we should listen to the way to shape our country. As they see it from eye’s that adults  could not Imaige.

What is it that you want for our country? I know it is very pagent of me to want world peace, and I know that it is corney but I must say that if I could have anything that I wanted for the country that would be it.

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