3 weeks and almost 20 pounds

I don’t know what it is but I have not really even been hard core dieting. Just cutting back on the amount of food that I eat and trying not to munch on food in the middle of the night. I weighed my self this morning and found that I had lost almost 20 pounds in about the same about of days. I think that it might be because since I have moved to this house that I LOVE I have been a lot more active. I have not only been losing weight but I sleep better at night as well. When I lay my head on my pillow instead at staring at the TV for 3 hours until I feel asleep, I drift off almost immediately.

The other great thing is that my sleep is a lot more restful. I would have to say that I believe that it is because my mind is more at ease and therefore not thinking hard at night. So I am able to rest my mind as well. This has almost always been a problem for me. My mind is never at rest. Except lately it blissfully sleeps!

It is amazing what happens to your life when you are in a home that you love. I find that I am more happy to bond with my home. (clean and decorate), I enjoy keeping my house nice and having everything in its place. Then when that happen I feel better about myself and my home. My house is now always company ready. Now just to get the company. lol

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