Today’s Agenda

Well yesterday was a errand day so there is a lot to be done around the house today.

1) Empty dishwasher

2) 2 loads of laundry, not counting whats in there now

3) Clean Floors

4) Run vaccuum

5) Empty 2 boxes

6) Make dinner and replensh ice tea and koolaide

UPDATE** 12pm

Well I have got nothing done. I played all morning with my daughter and then we did pilates together (but thats another story) now I am procrastinating and having some mommy time while she sleeps before the others get home from school. It will all be done before I go to bed though. *Crosses Fingers*


dishwasher emptied

floors done

vaccuuming put off until tomorrow

laundry about to fold

boxes well ummmm I will do that another day

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